I Feel Alright


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I Feel Alright

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Intro: (x4) E|-------------|------------0----------------------------| B|-0-------0---|-0----0----------0----3-----3---0----3---| G|-----2-------|----2---2------2---2------2---2----2---2-| D|-----------0-|-----------------------------------------| A|-------------|-3----------3---------3---------3--------| E|-3-----------|-----------------------------------------|
G I open the door see her baby blue eyes, C filled with a spark G She?s wearing her dress C and all I can see is gold I see her, I call her, she hears me and all there, is to know Is hidden from everybody except the, both of us
Bm Am It was a good life, you were the king of your mind Bm Am Oh so exciting, to be a little child again G Cadd9 I feel alright, Tadada ... G Cadd9 I feel alright, Tadada ...

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