Zee Avi

Swell Window

Zee Avi

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Swell Window

Intro: Bb  F  Eb 

Bb Like a swell window I will wait for you, F Eb We'll ride the moment 'til I catch you again Bb 'Til I catch you again. Eb Bb Ooh oooh
Bb I met with a young man who has an ocean romance Eb Bb And he calls it the way of life. Bb He tells me how he feels when he's alone Eb With the raging sound of calm. Bb The raging sound of calm Gm Eb F Fully untainted sacred place Chorus (2x) Eb Bb Ooh oooh Bb Little doses count Eb Bb This time will come around. Eb Bb We're all riding the same waves. Eb Bb We're all riding the same waves. Gm Eb F Soon we'll all be face to face (Chorus) Eb Bb Ooh oooh

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