Youth Lagoon

Raspberry Cane

Youth Lagoon

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Raspberry Cane

    Am                F 
This dimension and the next 
      G             Em 
The living and the dead 
     Dm             F 
The wave into the corpse 
C         F 
Everybody cares 
C         F 
Everybody cares 
C         Am     F 
I'm sure love exists 
    C       Am      F 
And this is what it is 

        Am         F 
I'm polluted by my blood 
    G              Em 
So help me cut it out 
    Dm                F 
And rinse it down the drain 
C         F 
Everybody cares 
C         F 
Everybody cares 
C        Am   F 
They say love exists 
     C        Am      F 
Then what happened to it? 

C-Em-Am-C-Dm-C- G) 

C           Em         Am 
Everybody's wanting to see 
C          Dm     C      G 
Wanting to see it come alive 
C              Em       Am 
Pour the ashes into the cup 
Mix with wine 
Dm        C            G 
Here's to sleep, drink up 

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