Young Oceans

God Of This Restless Heart

Young Oceans

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God Of This Restless Heart

	  		G C 
Let all creation cry, earth, sky and sea 
With power of the rolling tide 
We raise shouts to Thee 
G C 
G C 
What is this sound I hear, ringing above? 
G C 
Angels and saints all sing, anthems of love 

 Am G 
O God of all eternity 
Am G 
Let our praises ever be? 

 C G 
Holy in Your sight O Lord 
 C G 
Glorious to Your ear 
 C G 
Worthy of our mighty King 
 Am C G 
Lord come meet us here 

God of this restless heart; draw swiftly near 
Hasten to and calm and still all earthly fear 
Rise up, oh rise up; Spirit within me 
Up from the valley floor; songs unto Thee 

G C 
Alleluia! (repeat 4x) 

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chords Young Oceans - God Of This Restless Heart
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