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Heart Full Of Soul Chords


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Heart Full Of Soul

	  Intro: Dm

Verse 1: 
 	Dm                 G     Bb                  Dm
 	Sick at heart and lonely    deep in dark despair
	Dm                    G   Bb                        Dm
 	Thinking one thought only    where is she, tell me where
	Dm              G      Bb                Dm
 	And if she says to you    she don't love me
	Dm                G      Bb                 Dm  N.C.
 	Just give her my message    tell her of my plea
D F G D And I know, if she had me back again Bb F D Oh, I would never make her sad A G Dm I got a hea-a-a...a-a-art full of soul
Dm G Bb Dm Dm G Bb Dm N.C. repeat chorus Verse 2: She's been gone such a long time Longer than I can bear But if she says she wants me Tell her that I'll be there And if she says to you She don't love me Just give her my message Tell her of my plea repeat chorus repeat intro 3X end cold on Dm

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