Wild Silk


Wild Silk

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 G            Em             G         D             C 
Soldiers in dreams are like lovers who come without warning 
        Am          C              Am             C       D 
And take you by surprise when you think you must make it alone 
 G         Em           G         D       C 
Sooner or later their presence is only a memory 
         Am           C               D          D7         G 
But you know that without them you'd never have rolled back the stone 

        G          Em           G            D           C 
And as lovers lie sleeping, I find myself travelling towards you 
     Am       C          Am         C         D 
The morning arises, the wind is as soft as a sigh 
        G         Em           G         D                 C 
And whatever?s before me, is nothing to what I have come through 
   Am           C               D             D7            G 
The pain and the passion, the tears and the laughs and the lies 

    G            Em            G         D           C 
My darling once told me that loving was better than living 
        Am        C         Am          C       D 
But I told him survival for me was the easier game 
    G           Em         G         D             C 
I couldn't live with him, now it's I can't live without him 
    Am               C             D          D7           G 
I thought I'd feel different, but somehow I still feel the same 

G      Em            G      D             C 
Romeo tells me that Juliet can't live without him 
        Am       C         Am         C          D 
And Ophelia is crazy for Hamlet who wants to be King 
     G           Em               G     D         C 
And away in the distance, Mark Anthony loves Cleopatra 
     Am         C         D      D7           G 
As Portia sits silent, soliloquizing in the wings 

       G           Em      G              D            C 
So if lovers are loosers, what price the game we are playing? 
     Am             C          Am           C        D 
And what price the man who has not got the money to pay? 
         G         Em            G          D         C 
And the silence of angels means praying is just an illusion 
         Am           C           D             D7         G 
For the lost and the lonely and those who have nothing to say 

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