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by eduardo%5Flyvio

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Year: 1992 - Album: Triumphant Return

G   D   C   Bb   Am (4X) 
Am                    Em 
So many choices for a man to make 
Am                       Em 
So many ways that he can go 
C                         G 
But all the kingdoms in a thousand worlds 
C                             G 
Could not replace the peace I know 
D                               Em 
The things of earth could never satisfy 
    F              D 
The hunger deep in me 
G C Bb Am Behold the Lamb of God G C Bb Am Reaching out His nail-scarred hand G C Bb Am He wants to lift you up G C Bb Am Give you strength so you can stand
Am Em It's only natural for a man to dream Am Em To reach for stars above him-self C G My life was cluttered with shatterd dreams C G Before I learned to seek Your will D Em I gathered peaces of a broken heart F D and laid them at your feet (Repeat Chorus) D Em You are the rain that falls on thirsty ground F D And the light that opens windows in my soul (Solo)
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Am Em D e:--------------------|--------------------|--------------------| B:--------------------|--------------------|--------------------| G:--------------------|---------------16---|14------------------| D:--------------------|--------------------|--------------------| A:19------------------|-----17--14--------|--------------------| E:--------------------|--------------------|--------------------| Em C Em e:--------------------|--------------------|--------------------| B:--------------------|17------------------|--------------------| G:---------------16---|--------------------|16-14-16------------| D:14-/-16---17--------|--------------------|----------17---14---| A:--------------------|--------------------|--------------------| E:--------------------|--------------------|--------------------| D G e:--------------------|--------------------| B:-----15-------------|-------------15-----| G:--------------------|12-14-12-14b(16)----| D:--------------------|--------------------| A:14------------------|--------------------| E:--------------------|--------------------|
G C Bb Am Behold the Lamb of God G C Bb Am Reaching out His nail-scarred hand G C Bb Am He wants to lift you up F D Give you strength so you can stand (Repeat Chorus) (Ending) G D C Bb Am G D C Bb C Note: Tune guitar down 1/2 step to match CD

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