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Its True That We Love One Another Chords

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Its True That We Love One Another

  		This is mainly just chords, with the fill thingy every so often. Hope you can follow it. 
It's a fun song. 
This is the fill thingy 
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|--------------------0------| |--------------------0------| |--------------------1------| then carry on with the E chord |--------------------2------| |--------------------2------| |------3--2--0-----0------|
The chords are on the offbeat mainly CHORUS: Am Well it's true that we love one another, fill I love Jack White like a little brother D Well Holly, I love you too Am But there's just so much I don't know about you VERSE 1: Am Jack, give me some money to pay my bills All the dough I give you, Holly, you've been using on pain pills D Jack, will you call me if you're able Am fill I've got your phone number written in the back of my bible E D Jack, I think you're pulling my leg Am And I think maybe I'd better ask Meg Meg, do you think Jack really loves me? fill You know, I don't care because Jack really bugs me E D Why don't you ask him now? Am Well I would, but Meg I really just don't know how Just say 'Jack , do you adore me?' fill Well I would Holly but love really bores me Em D Then I guess we should just be friends Am I'm just kidding Holly, You know that I'll love you 'til the end CHORUS VERSE 2: Am Holly give me some of your English lovin' fill If I did that Jack I'd have one in the oven D Why don't you go off and love yourself Am If I did that Holly there won't be anything left for anybody else Jack it's too bad about the way that you look You know I gave that horse a carrot fill So he'd break your foot E D Will the two of you cut it out Am And tell 'em what it's really all about CHORUS That's it (I think), but I'm sure you could work that out yourselves anyway. Sorry if it's wrong.

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