Fool Again


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Fool Again

E                 G#m 
Baby, I know the story 
I've seen the picture 
       B                    E 
It's written all over your face 
Tell me, what's the secret 
That you've been hiding 
        B             E 
Who's gonna take my place  
   F#m               G#m 
I should've seen it coming 
   A               B 
I should've read the signs 
    A       B         E 
Anyway...I guess it's over 
E                  G#m            A 
Can't believe that I'm the fool again 
   B                             E 
I thought this love would never end 
G#m           A 
How was I to know 
    B      E 
You never told me 
E                  G#m            A 
Can't believe that I'm the fool again 
    B                           E 
And I who thought you were my friend 
G#m           A 
How was I to know 
     B     E 
You never told me  
estrofe2 - (mesmos acordes estrofe1) 
Baby, you should've called me 
When you were lonely 
When you needed me to be there 
Sadly, you never gave me 
Too many chances 
To show you how much I care  
I should've seen...  
           A            E 
About the pain and the tears 
Oh, oh, oh 
   A           F#m 
If I could, I would 
B              E 
Turn back the time  
I should've seen...  

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