Weird Al Yankovich

The Saga Begins (Jedi Song)

Weird Al Yankovich

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The Saga Begins (Jedi Song)

Verse 1:  

   G     D   Em        Am          C          Em                  D         G  
A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far away, Naboo was under an attack. And I thought  
D      Em                 Am            C          Em             C             D     Em  
me and Qui Gon Gin, could talk the Federation into maybe cutting them a little slack. But  
                                  Am               Em          Am               C  G  
There response it didn't thrill us, they looked the doors and tried to kill us. We escaped  
     Am            C                   D       G        D    Em                   Am7  
from that gas, and met Jar Jar in Bossnass, we took a Bungo from the scene and we went  
                   D         G        D     Em               C          D7  
to Fee to see the Queen, we all wound up on Tatooine, that's where, we found.. This  
 G        C      G  
G C G D G C G D Oh my, my this here Anakin guy, maybe Vader Someday later now he's just a small fry. G C G D Em A7 Em He left his home kissed his mommy goodbye singing soon I'm gonna be a Jedi. Soon D7 I'm gonna be a Jedi.
Verse 2: G Am C Am Em Did you know this Junkyard slave isn't even old enough too shave, but he can use the D G D Em Am7 C force they say, ahh do you see him hitting on the queen though he's just nine and she's Em A7 D Em D fourteen, yeah he's probably gonna marry her someday. Well I know he built C-3PO and Em D C G A7 C I've heard how fast his Pod can go, and we were broke it's true, so we made a wager or D7 G D Em Am C two Ooo he was a prepubescent flying ace and the minute Jabba started off that race I G D Em C D7 G C G D7 knew who would win first place, oh yes, it was, our boy, we started singing.. (Chorus) Verse 3: G Am C Am Em Now we finally got to Corasaunt the Jedi Council we knew would want too see how good D G D Em Am7 C the boy could be, so we took him there and we told a tale how his many corians were off Em A7 D Em D the scale and he might for fill that Prophesy, well the council was impressed of course, Em D C G A7 C D7 could he bring balance to the force, they interviewed the kid, oh training they forbid, G D Em Am C G D because Yoda sensed in him much fear, and Qui Gon said now listen here, just stick it in Em C D7 G C G your pointy ear, I still will teach, this boy. (Chorus) Verse 4: G D Em Am C Em We caught a ride back too Naboo, cause Queen Amedala wanted to, I frankly would have D G D Em G Am G liked to stay, we all fought in that epic war, and it wasn't long at all before little hot shot C D Em Am Em flew his plane and saved the day, and in the end some Gun Gens died, some ships blew Am C G Am C D up and some pilots fried, a lot of folks were croakin, the battle droids were broken, and G D Em C D7 G D the Jedi I admire most, met up with Darth Maul and now he's toast, well I'm still here Em C D7 G C G and he's a ghost, I guess, I'll train, this boy. (Chorus 2x)

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