Webb Pierce

English Sweetheart

Webb Pierce

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English Sweetheart

An American boy met an English girl 
    C              G 
Far out across the sea 

They laughed and loved and lived each day 
A7                     D7 
Their life was full of glee 

They knew someday he must return 
   C              G 
To his native family 

When it came and the aye was nigh 
      D7                 G 
These words he heard her say 

Please don't leave me here to cry 
  C                    G 
I watch as sweethearts flee 

Seems so hard for us to part 
A7                   D7 
And leave me here to grieve 

Though I know you must return 
   C               G 
To your native family 

Tell me that you love me dear 
    D7              G 
And will return someday 

He kissed her then he said goodbye 
    C             G 
And slowly walked away 

He could not bear to see her cry 
A7                       D7 
It filled his heart with pain 

She prayed and dreamed of his return 
  C               G 
Although it never came 

He wed anew in his native land 
    D7                       G 
But inside these words still ring 

Repeat #3 & 4 

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