Waylon Jennings

Lonesome, On'ry And Mean

Waylon Jennings

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Lonesome, On'ry And Mean

Written by Steve Young

Verse 1:
D                            G              D   
On a greyhound bus,Lord i'm traveling this morning 
                G                              D   
I'm going to Shreveport and down to New Orleans 
                    G                          D  
Been driving these highways,been doing things my way 
                     C/G    G            D     
It's been making me lonesome,on'ry, and mean 

Verse 2:
D                                  G           D 
Now her hair was jet black,and her name was Codiene 
                      G                         D 
Thought she was the cream of the Basin Street queens 
         G                        D     
She got tired of that smokey whine dream 
               C/G    G            D     
Began to feel lonesome,on'ry, and mean 

Verse 3:
 D                      G               D    
We got together,and we cashed in our sweeps 
        G                                     D       
Gave them to a beggar, who was mumbling through the streets 
              G                            D   
There's no escaping from his snowy white dreams 
              C/G    G            D      
Born lookin' lonesome,on'ry, and mean 

Verse 4: 

 D                                      G             D   
Now i'm down in this valley,where the wheels turn so low 
            G                     D 
At dawn i pray,to the Lord of my soul 
          G               D   
I say dear Lord,do right by me 
            C/G    G            D  
You know i'm tired of being lonesome,on'ry, and mean 

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