Under A Rock


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Under A Rock


verse 1 
NC    D 
1-2-3 Maybe you got your head  
            A          G 
Caught in a ditch last night 
I got to you imparting 
                          A       G 
Now you're someone else's mess to-night 

Em G A D And I got up-set I told you twice Em G A D That I know how to break in-side Em G A D G The brick house that you built a-round your cranium D You wear it like a crown
Bridge 1 ======== (D) A G D A G verse 2 ======= D A G Maybe I let on that I was interes-ted D A G In your brand of lonely a book you cracked once and never read
Em G A D Your raven-ous in-satia-ble Em G A D App-etite for the ex-penda-ble Em G A D G Will leave you just as hollow as your requiem D You'll bang it like a drum
Bridge 2 / Out ============== (D) A G D A G And maybe D A G And maybe D A G D

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