Weed Demon


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Weed Demon

Easy peesy y'all, there are just four simple chords: 

Ab Cm Am7 and E 

Here is the whole song! 

Ab   Cm  Am7  E 
Dark cave 

Ab   Cm   Am7  E 
Dirt paved 

Ab  Cm  Am7  E 

       Ab  Cm      Am7  E 
I love crawling 

Am7     E 
Who are ya x4 

Ab    Cm  Am7  E 
White pain 

Ab  Cm  Am7  E 
I'd stay 

Ab   Cm Am7  E 
Weed cave 

Ab   Cm   Am7  E 
Weed saves 

Am7     E 
Who are ya x9 

Ab Cm Am7 E 
      Weed demon x5 

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