Wade Bowen & West 84

Man Out Of Myself

Wade Bowen & West 84

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Man Out Of Myself

(Wade Bowen/Shane Neal)

	  		Am7/add9 ? X02213 
Fingerpick Am7add9 intro 
He was 18 years of age, born to a dirt poor family 
In the middle of the Texas plains, no matter how hard he tried  
He couldn?t seem to please the young man staring back from the broken mirror  
      C                        G                             Am7add9        
So he packed his bags one night to go out and make it on his own 
As he traveled down that dusty drive, he took a glance in the rearview mirror 
He saw the shadow standing there he watched his father wave goodbye gently 
As if he seemed to say good luck son in everything you do 
We hope to see you soon 
F G I don?t know where I'm going in my life C C/B Am But I?ve got to find my way in this world F G I?ve done all that I can do here C C/B Am There?s so much left for me to do F G C C/B Am I don?t really know if I'm doing the right thing F G I'm gonna make a man out of myself if it kills me Am7add9 You gotta make your dreams come true
He pulled into the city bright lights all around Cars flying by his old beat up truck Yeah he?s doubting himself a little but he knows he can?t turn back For the most he used to be is already gone there?s nothing left for him back home So he got a cheap apartment, spent his nights making cocktails At a local bar that was just right up the street It was 3 o?clock in the morning all the wanted was the tips he made that night But the country boy refused much to their surprise, they left him laying there in the street Chorus Solo His parents got a knock at the door the very next afternoon It was a young woman wearing a red t-shirt and jeans She said I'm your son?s wife and this here?s your grandson And here?s a letter he never got around to mailing you, I just thought you both should (And that letter said) Chorus 2: I finally know where my life?s headed to And I?ve finally found my place in this world I?ve done all that I know to do And I owe it all to what you put me through I just got married and I?ve got a son Dad I named him after you And I?ve made all my dreams come true

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