We Can Chords


Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by paulantunes

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We Can

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  		Bb                   Gm 
Iâ??m not the sun in your eyes 
and tomorrow we sur surprise 
Iâ??m not an enchanted Prince 
F   Eb 
I who I Am 

Gm           F           Bb 
But there are something i know 
Gm           F           Bb 
Just come here and i will show 
Gm           F           Bb 
In your eyes is really clear 
Eb                          F 
you can if you try , imagine inside 

  Gm                 Bb 
We Can paint our souls 
With all of the colors 
  Gm           Bb        Eb 
We can sing and shout , Yeah 
  Gm          Bb 
We can fly aparth 
With no wings to guide us 
Gm       F      Eb 
Be the words to all my songs 
Gm       F      Bb 
Find myself in your voice 

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