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Glory, Honor, Power Chords


Difficulty: EasyEasy

by Echo0788

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Glory, Honor, Power

	      A           E                      A            E 
I lift my hands, to the heavens above. 
     A            E                   A          E    
I give my heart, to the God of love. 
        A                E             A              E 
And I will be thankful, all of my days. 
  A                    E        A                 E 
Giving Him glory, honor and praise. 
    B C#m   B  A   F#m F#m7   A2 
   Glory, Honor, power,   forever, forever, I will 
      E                   A                    E 
   Stand on the solid rock of Jesus.  
             C#m                  A                B 
   I will lay down my life at His feet. 
               E                         B 
   I will cast down my crowns  
                         A                     C#m 
   Before the Holy Lamb of God, 
               B                 E 
   I will sing, I will sing.   
Lift up your hands, to the Lamb of God. 
Join the angels, around the throne. 
Giving Him Glory, singing Him praise, 
Honor and power, unto his name 


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