Right Away


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Right Away

Capo on 4th fret

A  Asus4 4x 

verse 1 
A                            E 
Right away you looked like a good friend 
               D                 A       D  E 
Like someone I knew when I lived back in Ohio 
Long ago 

verse 2 
A full filled room 
I couldn't make it through 
     D          Dmaj7   A       D       E 
Alongside of you as you headed for the gold 

         A                       E                    D 
Though I couldn't tell it seemed just as well not to know 
  A               E                D   Dmaj7 
I waved goodbye before I tried at all 

    G            D      Dmaj7 
The gallery felt crowded 
  A          A/G#   A/F#   E      D 
I couldn't see the work upon the wall 
     A         F#m  D 
Your face was all I saw 
     A         F#m  D   Dmaj7 
Your face was all I saw 

SOLO 4x (will add this later) 
A   F#m  \ 3x 
D        / 
A   F#m 
D   Dmaj7 

               Bmaj7   Asus2         
I wonder if we had (if we, if we)        \  
Bmaj7    Asus2                            \ 
(Daa daa  daa)                             \ 3x 
            Bmaj7   Asus2                  / 
Anything at all (no place for us at all)  / 
Bmaj7   Asus2                            / 

Bmaj7  Asus2 4x 

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