Rolling Sea


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Rolling Sea

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e|--------------------|-----------------| B|-----3---3--3-------|-----------------| G|-2h4---4------4-2-2-|-2h4-2-----------| D|--------------------|-------4-2-0-----| A|--------------------|-----------------| E|--------------------|-----------------| e|--------------------|-----------------| B|-------3--3---------|-----------------| G|-2h4p2------4p2-----|-----2---2-------| D|--------------------|-2h4---4---2h4-2-| A|--------------------|-----------------| E|--------------------|-----------------| e|--------------------|-----------------| B|-----3---3--3-------|-----------------| G|-2h4---4------4p2-2-|-2h4-2-----------| D|--------------------|-------4-2-0-----| A|--------------------|-----------------| E|--------------------|-----------------| e|---------------------------------------| B|---------------------------------------| G|--------------------------2------2-----| D|-2h4-2p0-----0--0-2h4p2h4----2h4---4-2-| A|---------2p0---------------------------| E|---------------------------------------|
D Wouldn't you like to be A D out on the rolling sea D A with only the sky above you for a roof D What if you're friends were there A D laughed at your jokes and shared D A Sweet soft air with you, wouldn't that be good? G F# Em D You know... it would D Wouldn't you like to find A D yourself there sometime A Ducking when the bow swings your way D whenever we make plans A D you tell me you're a busy man A That you'd go but you really should stay G F# Em D Someday soon you'll say.. G F# Em D Nothin' escapes the rolling sea G F# Em D Not the past nor you or me D You keep the world at bay A D Should it all wash away A You wouldn't feel no pain of losing kind D Gather the boat and wind A D and a few of your closest friends A Gonna ride and swim while the weather's nice G F# Em D Oh it's been such a long time..... G F# Em D Oh it's been such a long time.... G F# Em D Oh it's been such a long time....

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