Vertical Horizon

You're a god

Vertical Horizon

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You're a god

Tuning is 1/2 step down.  Vert Horizon always plays 1/2 step down  
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B Ab F#m E G* A* e -0- -0- -0- -0- -0- -0- b -0- -0- -0- -0- -0- -0- g -4- -4- -4- -4- -4- -6- d -4- -4- -4- -4- -5- -7- a -2- -x- -x- -x- -5- -7- E -x- -4- -2- -0- -3- -5-
*Can play full chords as well. What ever sounds closest. B Ab F#m E I gotta be honest, I think you know, we're covered in lies and that's ok. B Ab F#m E There's somewhere beyond this, I know, I hope I can find the words to say. G A G A Never again, No, Never again.
B Ab F#m E You're a god, and I am not, and I just want that you would know, B Ab F#m E You're a god, and I am not, and I just want to let you go.
Instrumental Bridge: C#m, A, B, twice B Abm I've been unable, to put you down F# E still learning things I oughta know by now B Abm It's under the table, So, F# E I need something more to show, somehow G A G A So Never again, No, never again... Chorus Verse 1 Chorus two times

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