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Best I Ever Had Chords

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Best I Ever Had

	  INTRO: G-Am-C-G-D
Stanza 1:
G          Am 
So you sailed away
C                G-D
Into a grey sky morning
G              Am
Now I'm here to stay
C                    G-D 
Love can be so boring

Am                          Em
Nothing's quite the same now
Am                    Em D
I just say your name now
G Am But it's not so bad C G D Em You're only the best I ever had Am You don't want me back C G D G-Am-C You're just the best I ever had
Stanza 2: G Am So you stole my world C G D Now I'm just a phony G Am Remembering the girl C D Leaves me down and lonely Am Em Send it in a letter Am Em D Make yourself feel better (REPEAT CHORUS) BRIDGE F G And it may take some time to C G Am Patch me up inside F G But I can't take it so I Em F Run away and hide G And I may find in time that C G Am You were always right F-G You're always right (REPEAT STANZA 1) Am Em What was it you wanted Am Em D Could it be I'm haunted (REPEAT CHORUS) Coda G-Am-C-D- The best I ever had The best I ever...

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