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With A Song In My Heart Chords

Vaughn Monroe

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With A Song In My Heart

(Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart)

   E    A       C#m5-/7      F#7   
Though I know that we meet ev'ry night   
E   D           F#m       B7   
And we couldn't heve changed since the last time  
Fdim   A    F#m         D9         E7       A      Edim  D9  E   
To my joy and delight, it's a new kind of love at first sight 
 E     A        C#m5-/7         F#7   
Though it's you and it's I all the time   
E     D     F#m      B7   
Ev'ry meeting's marvelous pastime   
Fdim       A     F#m             
You're increasingly sweet  
    D9     E7  Fdim A  Edim   E   Cdim   
So whenever we happen to meet I  greet you   
A    Cdim      E7    A   F#m      Edim   E7/9-   
With a song in my heart, I behold your adorable face   
 A   E7/9-      F#m       A        Edim     F#m       C#7   
Just a song at the start,   but it soon is a hymn to your grace   
Bm    Bm7/E  B7     Cdim        Bm   
When the music  swells, I'm touching you hand   
   F#m                D9  Fdim C#7   D9   
It tells that you're standing  near, and   
A    Cdim         E7   A     F#m    D9       E7/9-   
At the sound of your voice, heaven opens his portals to me   
F#m   Bm7        C#7  F#m       E7       F#m         Bm5-/7   
Can I help but rejoice  that a love such as ours came to be   
F#m    C#7    D  A      F#m       B7   
BUT I always knew  I would live life through   
A    Cdim      D9   E7   A   
With a song in my heart for you 

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