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Endless Years Chords

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by fernsantana

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Endless Years


C                F                  C   
I will hold you child, when all is done 
         Am                 F                   C   
When the world is gone and the songs have been sung 
C                        F              C   
You will be with me through endless years 
         Am                  F                   C   
We will dance and sing when you heart is fulfilled 
F                       C 
Don?t you close your eyes 
Am                       F 
Don't you lose your way 
C                                      F        G 
Don't you miss all the gifts that are unforeseen 
F                        C 
I'm your anchor and shield 
Am                       F 
I'm the wind in your sails 
C                                F        G    
I'm the song in your heart, The God who saves. 

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