Angel of harlem


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Angel of harlem

Year: 1988 - Album: Best Of 1980-1990

Written by Bono

          C             F  
It was a cold and wet December day  
          C             F  
When we touched down at JFK  
   C             F  
Snow was melting on the ground  
   C         F                  C       F  
On BLS I heard the sound (of an Angel)  

  C             F  
New York like a Christmas tree  
          C                F            C       F  
I said tonight this city belongs to me (Angel)  

 F       G                      F  
Soul love this love won't let me go  
        G            C  F  
So long...Angel of Harlem  

Birdland on 53, the street sounds like a symphony  
We got John Coltrane and a love supreme  
Miles and she has to be an Angel  

Lady Day got diamond eyes  
She sees the truth behind the lies (Angel)  

Soul love this love won't let me go  
So long...Angel of Harlem  

Am      G   F                  Am G             F  
ooh ooh ooh ooh she sings with heart, heart and soul  
C                  F     
Blue light on the avenue  
C                  F  
God knows they got to you  
C                  F  
An empty glass, the lady sings  
C                     F  
Eyes swollen like a bee sting  
C                  F  
Blinded you lost your way  
C                          F  
On the side streets and the alleyways  
C                             F  
Like a star exploding in the night  
C                         F  
Filling up the city with broad daylight  
An Angel in Devil's shoes  
Salvation in the blues  
G                                       F 
You never looked like an Angel  
F       G                 C F C F  
So long...Angel of Harlem  

Angel, Angel of Harlem (4 times and fade)  

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