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Ty Segall

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	  		Intro: Dm  

 Dm       F     C      G   
Oh sleeper, my dreamer   
 Bm         F         C   G  
I dream, a dream for you   
 Dm       F     C      G   
My dreamer, my sleeper   
 Bm         F          C    G  
My dream's dream come true   
Dm G I dream, sweet love Dm G I dream for you C From your baby G C G Far up there Dm G I dream, sweet love Dm G I dream for you C From your baby, G C G Far up there
Bridge: C D C And I wanna sleep all day D G And I wanna go away Dm G C All day I want to sleep G Dm G All day with you Dm G x3 Verse: Oh deeper, fall deeper Into sleep, my sleep for two I will be there, with my sleeper Dreaming beneath the moon Chorus: I dream, sweet love I dream for you From your baby Far up there I dream sweet love I dream for you From your baby, Far up there x3 C Baby G C G Far up there C G C G F D

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