Twin Atlantic

Wonder Sleeps Here

Twin Atlantic

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Wonder Sleeps Here

Intro: C#m Asus2 C#m Asus2 

verse 1: 
C#m              A 
 I'm watching you walking away 
C#m                  A  D 
 From what you chose 
F#m   G#             A 
 Like water on glass 
D           F#m G#   A    D 
 You distort    my view 

F#m G# D The sun will catch our hope F#m E And I want to ask the question A C#m D Can we go home tonight? A C#m D Can we go home? I'll take you there.
verse 2: C#m A Line after line Stroke after stroke C#m A Here comes the part F#m When I start to choke G# A D F#m On words that I pre-wrote G# A D On my words Bridge: (I'll take you there) x7 in background during bridge D By hand A On my own D Watch me do this A On foot D And I'll set the tone A D Watch us do this A D (X2) End: A C#m D Can we go home tonight? A C#m D Can we go home tonight? A And I will take you there D I'll take you there A C#m D Can we go home? A Tonight, I'll take you there.

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