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C                      Fmaj7                       
I called you up to say goodnight 
I thought that things would be alright 
      G              Fmaj7 
But I guess I was dead wrong 
C                       Fmaj7 
And I just want to stay asleep  
Because thoughts of you are all I dream  
         G            Fmaj7 
But when I wake up you're gone 

Fmaj7 Am For weeks the days I spent felt like forever G Fmaj7 I couldn't get you off my mind Am I wondered how you got inside my head G Fmaj7 And made me think that you were mine Am I thought you meant it when you said forever G Fmaj7 I guess that was a lie Am I still get choked up when I think of you G Fmaj7 It happens all the time
C Fmaj7 Well there's a place that we used to go Am I pass by now and feel alone G Fmaj7 And wonder if you ever stop here like I do C Fmaj7 And someone told me that they saw you there one night Am G Skipping rocks down by the water Fmaj7 All alone, tears in your eyes Chorus Fmaj7 Am Your time's all gone G Fmaj7 It's all been spent Am G Who's left by your side G Fmaj7 Not me anymore

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