True Worshippers

This Is My Life

True Worshippers

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This Is My Life

Intro : 
| G . D/F# . | Em . G/D . | 
| C G/B Am . | D/F# . B/D# . | 
| Em G/D A/C# . | 

Am              Bm              C 
 You've opened up my eyes 
To see You Lord 
Am              Bm              C 
 You're turned my life around 
In righteousness 
Am               Bm             C 
There is nothing more precious 
Em       D     C       Bm 
Than to be in Your presence 
Am               D 
And to see You by my side 

D         A     Bm       A 
 This is my life I surrender 
G       Fm          Am         D 
Before Your throne 
G       D/F#        Em         D 
 I bend my knees I surrender 
C     Bm         Am           D 
 To worship You 

G         D/F#     Em       D 
 I lift my voice to sing Your praises 
C       Bm          Am         D  
Be magnified and be glorified today 

G         D/F#     Em       D 
C       Bm          Am         D 

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