Tragically Hip

New Orleans Is Sinking

Tragically Hip

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New Orleans Is Sinking

	  		This is pretty crude, but is sounds good 
additions/corrections welcome.  Previous post of the 
lick is included at the bottom.  There are no CRD versions  
of this song on the archive that I could find.  -Rick   
(use bar chords for G, A, B) 

Em                     G       Em          G 
Bourbon Blues, on the street, loose and complete 
       Em      G             Em     G 
Under skies of smokey blue -green 
I cant forsake a dixie dead shake 
       Em         G         Em    G 
So we danced the sidewalk clean 
   B                            A 
My memory is muddy, what?s this river that I?m in? 
Hey New Orleans is sinkin, man 
And I dont want to swim 

Back to Em/G shuffle for second verse  

Play an ?A? for the yelp (AHHHHHH-HAAA) 

From ?Pale as a I swear to GOD she said? do the Em/G shuffle 

then repeat the ?A? for the AHHHHHH-HAAA yelp 

then Em/G Em/G, then 

    B                           A 
My memory is muddy, what?s this river that I?m in? 
Hey New Orleans is sinkin, man 
And I dont want to swim 

Back to Em/G to close 

This is what is on the archive, from : [email protected] (Dave Hornidge) 

I'm not really sure if this is correct, but this is how I play it:  
The main riff looks like: 

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E|----------------------------| B|----------------------------| G|----------------------------| D|--------2-----------0--0h2--| A|-----------2-----2----------| E|--0--0--------3-------------| I think the bass plays something similiar to this as well. The other catchy little riff looks something like: E|----------0-----------------------------------0--------------------------| B|--3p0--0-----3p0----------------------3p0--0-----3p0---------------------| G|------------------4p0--3p0--2p0-----------------------4p0--3p0--2p0------| D|---------------------------------2p0---------------------------------2---| A|-------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|-------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|----------0--------------------------------------------------------------| B|--3p0--0-----3p0---------------------------------------------------------| G|------------------4p0--3p0--2p0--4p0--3p0--2p0--2s4--4--4--4--4----------| D|-------------------------------------------------------------------------| A|-------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|

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