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Open Your Heart Chords


Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

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Open Your Heart

	  G                       G                             Csus9  (G/B)           D
Smoke-colored L.A. sky. Hand covers up your sleepless eyes as morning creeps in
G                            G                            Csus9  (G/B)         D
Passed out there on my couch wearing the face of down and out     my long lost friend
Csus9        (G/B)               Asus4    (G/B)    
Three cups of coffee and you'll be on your way
Csus9           (G/B)             F        C    Dsus4
Until this time tomorrow you come crawling back again

G         Csus9       G C G D  G           Csus9       Em7    D
Open your heart to me,         think of my shoulder as sanctuary
G         Csus9       G C G D     G        Csus9      Em7        D
Open your soul to me,        I'll try to unravel your tangled up dreams
        Csus9           Em7             Asus4       D        G
And the only thing that matters is your heart stays open for me

G                    G                          Csus9  (G/B)              D
I always picture you as clear minded but confused with wounds no one could see 
G                                G                          Csus9  (G/B)        D
You always made the friends that never stuck untill the end.         Except for me
Csus9                  (G/B)           Asus4  (G/B)    
And the only difference I hear is your alibi
Csus9                (G/B)          F      C            Dsus4
And the only thing in common is the reason you're still there


F    C               G           F  C            D
I      can feel your loneliness. I     feel your pain



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