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A rainy night in Georgia Chords

Tony Joe White

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by Bottelho

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A rainy night in Georgia

Dmaj7   Cmaj7	D 
D        		G 
Hov'rin by my suitcase, trying to find a warm place to 
spend the night. 
D		      G 
Heavy rain a falling, Seems I hear your voice calling 
it's alright. 
Bm7		 F#m7     Bm7	           F#m7 
A rainy night in Georgia, A rainy night in Georgia, I believe it's 
Em          G        D  	Cmaj7 
raining all over the world. 
Play this after 2nd, 3rd verse: 
Cmaj7               Dmaj7    Cmaj7		     Dmaj7 
How many times I've wondered, it still comes out the same. No 
Em7            D           Em7 
matter how you look at it, think of it, you 
G           F#m7  Em7  Dmaj7      Cmaj7 
just got to do    your own thing. 
2. Neon signs a-flashing 
   Taxicabs and buses passing through the night. 
   The distant moaning of a train, 
   seems to play a sad refrain to the night. 
3. I find me a place in a box car, 
   so I take my guitar out to pass some time. 
   Late at night when it's hard to rest, 
   I hold your picture to my chest and I'm alright. 


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