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Year: 2002 - Album: Alice

Capo on 1st fret
	  		This is my first tab, but I am sure its correct. Thank you. 


C  Csus4  C 

   C         Csus4      C     Csus4 
A cloud lets go of the moon 
     C           Csus4      C      C7 
Her ribbons are all out of tune 
She is skating on the ice 
In a glass in the hands of a man 
That she kissed on a train 
And the children are all gone into town 
                 C                   Am7 
To get candy and we are alone in the house here 
         Gsus4      G  
And your eyes fall down on me 

C            Csus4    C    Csus4 
And I belong only to you 
     C        Csus4      C       C7 
The water is filling my shoes 
In the wine of my heart there's a stone 
In a well made of bone 
That you bring to the pond 
And I'm here in your pocket 

Curled up in a dollar 
         C                           Am7 
And the chain from your watch around my neck 
         Gsus4      G                C  
And I'll stay right here until it's time 


     C        Csus4        C     Csus4  
The girls all knit in the shade 
   C       Csus4    C     C7 
Before the baby is made 
And the branches bend down 

To the ground here to swing on 
     C                              C7 
I'm lost in the blond summer grass 
And the train whistle blows 

And the carnival goes 
              C                    Am7 
Till there's only the tickets and crows here 
         Gsus4     G         C 
And the grass will all grow back 

The branches spill Alice 
                      G    Csus4   C 
And I belong only to you 

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