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Another Man's Vine Chords

Tom Waits

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by Nick+D

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Another Man's Vine

Year: 2002 - Album: Blood Money

Intro: Dm Bb7 Dm Bb7 Dm Bb7 
Verse sequence:  
Dm     Am       Em        A   
Bougainvilleas bloom and wine, 
   Dm      Am       Em       A  
Be careful, mind the strangle vine.  
    Bm      F#m      C        A  
The rose is climbing over the blind  
           Bm     F#m    C     A  
'cause the sun is on the other side,  
    Dm        Am         Em    A  
The bees will find their honey  
    Dm       Am   Em   A  
The sweetest every time. 

sequence: Dm Bb7 Dm Bb7 Around a red rose, I see a red rose, Dm Bb7 A7 Dm Bb7 Dm Bb7 Red rose bloomin' on another man's vine.
Additional lyriics: Golden Willy's gone to war, He left his young wife on the shore. Will she be steadfast everyday While golden Willy's far away? Along the way her letters end, She never reads what Willy sends. I see a red rose, I smell a red rose, A red rose bloomin' on another man's vine.

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