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Learning To Fly Chords

Tom Petty

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Learning To Fly

Intro: {F  C  Am   G} X 4 
F              C   Am  G  F             C   Am   G 
Well I started out,       down a dirty road 
F       C  Am   G     F     C  Am   G 
Started out           all alone 
F                C   Am   G  F                C    Am  G   
And the sun went down,       as I crossed the hill 
F               C   Am  G    F              C   Am  G   
As the town lit up,          the world got still 
F               C   Am  G   F               C    Am  G   
I?m learning to fly,        but I ain?t got wings 
F      C   Am  G   F              C    Am  G   
Coming down        is the hardest thing 
F                 C   Am  G   F        C   Am   G 
Well the good ol? days,       may not return 
F                 C   Am  G  F               C   Am   G 
And the rocks may melt       and the sea may burn 
F             C   Am  G   F             C   Am   G 
Well some say life        will beat you down, 
F          C    Am  G   F          C    Am   G 
Break your heart,       steal your crown 
F            C   Am  G   F             C   Am   G 
So I started out,        for god knows where 
F            C   Am  G   F          C   Am   G 
I guess I?ll know        when I get there 
F               C   Am  G   F          C      Am  G   
I?m learning to fly,        around the clouds, 
F             C   Am  G   F         C    Am  G   
But what goes up          must come down 
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SOLO e|-------12-12~/1--------8~---------8---------------------------------------- B|----13---------------8------7brb----7-6------------------------------------ G|-12----------------9---------------------7br/5-0-5-5-0--------------------- D|--------------------------------------------------------------------------- A|-------------------------------------------------------5br-3--------------- E|-------------------------------------------------------------5-3----------- ~ = vibrato b = bend r = release / = slide ________________________________________________________ 2ND GUITAR e|--------------------------------------------------------------------------- B|------1---1-----1---1--0--1-0-1----1--1---1----1-----1-0--1-0-1------------ G|-2-0----0---0-0---0-------------2-0--0-0-0---0----0------------------------ D|--------------------------------------------------------------------------- A|--------------------------------------------------------------------------- E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------
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