Tokio Hotel

Kings Of Suburbia

Tokio Hotel

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Kings Of Suburbia


        Em         D       
 We are young with open eyes 
           Am    G     
 Blinded by the citylights 
 Em              D  
 Lose control to feel alive 
 Am                  G 
 Just another day in paradise 

 Diamond Sky 
 Diamond Sky  Oh 
 You and I 
 You and I 

            Em                     D  
 We are the Kings and Queens of suburbia 
 Am                          G               
 Somewhere in time we don't know where we are 
 Em            D         Am 
 Come on , we are who we are 
 Come on 
 Come on 

 Have you heard the silent scream 
 Boys and girls born to be free 
 Love is our gasoline livin' on this endless dream 
 Diamond Sky 
 Diamond Sky 
 You and I 
 You and I 

 Em                        D 
 God grant me the serenity 
      Am                           G 
 To accept the things I cannot change 
 Em                                D     Am  
 Courage to change the things I can and wisdom to 
 know the difference 

 Join me under diamond skies 
 C               Em      D 
 Everything will be alright 

 Enjoy :) 

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