Timber Timbre

Beat The Drum Slowly

Timber Timbre

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Beat The Drum Slowly



               E                E6 
deco town, rainbow phantom show 
               C#m            Cm  
crystal call,  silver tabloid entry 
    F#         Fm 
the celebrity centry 

                       E       E6 
a fade train of the golden age 
                     C#m       Cm  
a flickin out in the celluloid ashes 
F#       Fm 
fantasin fantastic 

Outrange the avalanche  
Outrange the avalanche  
Outrange the avalanche   
       C#m     Cm  
to The cameras rolling 
   F#            Fm 
we beat the drum slowly   

G#5 G#5 D5 D5x4 D5x4 D5x4      \ Play 2 times 
C#5 C#5 C5  C5x4  C5x4  C5x4   /  
G#5 G#5 

                E  E6 
the family joke ...  
    C#m       Cm    
         F#               Fm 
we heard crime softer and softly 
                    E             E6 
a mystery mist, new sister shift 
                     C#m        Cm    
thinks reconise from television trims 
              F#   Fm 
the style just ....unscramble 

Break (repeat many times) 

G#5 G#5 Dm 

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