Third Day

40 days

Third Day

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40 days

Year: 2001 - Album: Come Together

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 Here I am at what feels like the end 
 And so I come to You, my Lord again 
Am                               G 
 With this burden burried deep within 
 This heart that You have made 
 In this trial that I'm going through 
 I don't question 'cause I know it's true 
Am                         G   
 That the sorrow brings me back to You 
              F               F^G F^G F 
 And You have made me stronger  
Am It's been forty days and forty nights G Down the road of many trials Dm F And I pray it's only for a season Am 'Cause in the wilderness and in the flood G You're the one I'm thinking of Dm F And I know You've brought me for a reason
C I have one more thing I've got to say Before they try to take my life away Am G Let it be known that I am not afraid F F^G F^G F Let Your will be done, Lord Chorus Solo Chorus 2x

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