Thievery Corporation

The Time We Lost Our Way

Thievery Corporation

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The Time We Lost Our Way

Intro: Am 

Main Riff 
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E|--------------------------------- B|---------------------------10---- G|--7-9-7-9-----7-9-7-9-7-9-------- D|--------------------------------- A|--------------------------------- E|---------------------------------
Am G My mind is full bursting over Am G With all this things I can't remember Am G Am G Every little single memory reminds me of you Am G My eyes were weary with all this tears Am G You left your shadow in my dreams Am G Am G All my doubts seem to disappear when you came along
F G Flowers melting up into the sky F G Hear my heart where our love colides F G F G We hear the songs we found in the times we lost our way F G Gentle memories replace our tears F G All love we had is still right here F G F G We hear the songs we found in the time we lost our way
verse 2 From without words cannot describe What caused the stars to fall deep inside? Every little memory reminds me of you Our days are gone lost forever Reflecting light glistening under wather Naturally this could be everything that seems so unreal

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