The Wonder Years

Woke Up Older

The Wonder Years

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Woke Up Older


Intro:  A C# B A C# A  (2x) 
        A C# B 

 B                          C#       A 
You've got lunch with your sister tomorrow 
   E              B 
So we can't be up late 
          C#              A 
You don't mind if I sleep in 
     E                       B 
But then I've gotta pack my things 
               C#       A          E           B 
So I stacked a Bukowski novel on a Blacklisted LP 
    C#                 A              E            B 
And this time what it looked like was just what it proved to be 
                      C#         A   E 
You said you needed a stiff drink 
             C#               A  B 
to take your mind off things 
 E   B       C# 
Hey Jess, I woke up older 
G#m  A     E               B 
Carrying two years in the bags under my eyes 

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e|-------------------------------------| B|-------------------------------------| G|---889-6-684-46----------------------| D|---xxx-x-xxx-xx7-777-----------------| A|---667-4-462-24x-xxx-----------------| E|---------------5-555-----------------|
E B C# G#m A Hey Jess, I watched you wake up and get dressed E B A C# B You left the room receded like my hairline C# A I've been avoiding Rittenhouse like the plague E B Because I just can't handle seeing you today C# A You made this house into a home E B Now, I'm a stranger on my street C# B And as I turned to leave E B C# A I caught myself in the mirror to see E B A I aged a year this week C# A E I left a note up on your bed that said B C# A E B Hey, thanks again for everything you did Chorus C# B A When John introduced Woke Up New in St. Augustine C# B A I knew I wasn't alone C# B A When I woke up here without you C# A B There was nothing to do but pack up and go home A C# B A C# A (2x) A C# B Chorus

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