The Wonder Years

I Was Scared And I'm Sorry

The Wonder Years

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I Was Scared And I'm Sorry


         E        F7                 C#                    B 
I've been obviously on the verge of a mental breakdown this week 
        A                 B                   C#      A 
Stuck between your dirty sheets and back-lit memories 
              E            F7                   C#                B 
And I've been putting off things like getting my shit out of your apartment 
          A          B                 C#                    A 
I've been making up excuses about the things that you might need 
              A          B              C#         E  
And I've been trying to find out where everyone's been 
             A     B       C#      E 
But they're nowhere and I'm nothing 
              A         B       C#       E 
And I've been trying to stay as busy as I can 

   E F7    C#               B 
I finally broke on Christmas Eve 
       A                  B                C#              A 
In an Outback Steakhouse bathroom while my family ordered for me 
             E      F7          C#              B 
Haven't been losing sleep, no I pass out almost instantly 
    A                     B 
The bad dreams get worse every week 
   C#                      A      B 
I think I'm losing a little of me 
A                       B        C# 
I'm getting better, but it's in small steps 
A               B 
I'm working on sleeping on the left 
A            C#                   B 
I just can't blame New York for this 
        A                  B              C# 
And so I'm down again, but this time it's different 
  A            B 
I'm mourning something that I miss 
A                          C#        B 
And that's better than being hopeless  

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