The Winery Dogs


The Winery Dogs

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Intro: F#m D A E 


F#m                   D 
We're struggling with everything 
           A                               E 
and I don't understand who we are 
F#m                         D 
Sometimes I wanna run from me 
                   A                        E 
and find an end to it in your arms 
              D   A      E           F#m 
Running dry, and I feel so numb 
              D   A           E 
I could try (try) but I don't know what it's for 

F#m D A E We are fire and nothing but ashes remain F#m D A E We are fire and I don't know how to explain, do you?
Instrumental F#m D A E Verse F#m D Put me in a confessional A E you won't learn anything you don't know F#m D I'm fine with losing everything A E because I've got nowhere left to go D A E F#m Yeah I'm wild, I'm the beginning to your end D A E Baby smile (smile) let's be lovers and pretend
F#m D A E We are fire, and ashes remain in our place F#m D A E We are fire, we're nothing that time can't erase F#m E In this portentous lie that is you and I D How do we secede? F#m E D I've got money on it, it's all a dream
Solo Harmony F#m A E F#m A E Verse D A E F#m Yeah I'm wild (wild) and I will not be tamed D A E we are wild (Wild) who are we to blame
F#m D A E We are fire and ashes are all that remain F#m D A E We are fire and I've got nothing left to claim F#m D A E We are fire, I'm nothing but another face (that you'll replace) F#m D A E (We are fire) we're nothing that can't be replaced (can't be replaced) F#m A (We are fire) yeah we laugh it off E Are you laughing with me? F#m A (We are fire) or are you laughing at me? E (We are fire) but you know it's true. We are fire F#m A E I've got money on it. It's all a dream F#m D A E It's all right we're surviving

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