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Mighty You Are

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Mighty You Are



A E F#m E D 

Lord God almighty, you are clothed with majesty 

A E 

The heavens declare your wonders 

F#m E D 

For you are great and do marvelous things 


F#m/E A/C# D 

For you alone are God 

F#m-E A/C#-D 

There is no one else like you 

F#m-E Fdim F#m E D 

Let the nations declare that you have done great things 

A E Mighty you are, Holy you are Fdim F#m E D Your mercy endureth forever more A E Righteous you are, Great you are Fdim F#m I will exalt you oh Lord E D My God, my King
Vamp: F#m-E A/C#-D Oooh, oooh F#m-E A/C#-D Oooh, oooh F#m-E A/C#-D Oooh, oooh F#m-E A/C#-D D/F#-G ? 2nd time thru) Oooh, (oooh ? just one long ?oh? 2nd time thru)(Repeat)

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