The Show Ponies

Choppin' Wood

The Show Ponies

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Choppin' Wood

Capo on 4th fret

I ain't too good at choppin? wood, But my daddy said I should.  
Em                                    G 
I need a woman with a nice strong back, Child-bearin? hips and a one room shack.  
C                                                                                              G 
I'm a hard, hard worker every day; Dirty hands and a little pay. I get up early and I get back late.  

I ain't too good at matching clothes, wearing heels and panty hose.  
Em                           G 
I need a man that's sensitive; Stoic and contemplative.  
C                                                               G 
A scholar and a gentleman. A caller with strong arms to hold me in.  

Em             C         G  
So what if we're not everything  
    Em            C                    G 
our mothers and our fathers expect us to be. 
Amin           C                 G  
Could I be the one who's in your dreams, 
Amin           C           G  
Could I be the one who you redeem?  

I've gotten good at acting sweet, but it's hard to admit defeat.  
Em                                  G 
I'm prim and proper and put together. I'm sick and sore, under the weather.  
C                                                                                                       G 
Got friends in places high and low, learned things I didn't want to know, been lifted up just to be let go.  

I'm getting good at actin? tough, but I haven't gotten good enough. 
Em                               G 
I want to be on the silver screen, I'm a kind-hearted man that's often mean.  
C                                                                                        G 
I'm a lover and a fighter; I'm a worker and a writer; I am a dreamer woken up by fits of rage. 
Been trying hard to understand what it means to be a man,  
Em                           G 
And every time I fall in love, I hug and kiss then push and shove. 
C                                                                                                           G 
I'm solid then I'm soft and then, I'm gone and then I'm back again. I am a saint but my heart's filled with sin. 

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