The Sheepdogs

How Late How Long

The Sheepdogs

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How Late How Long


Intro: A G D 

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Guitar 1 e|---------------------------------------------------------------| B|---------------------------------------------------------------| G|---------2p0---------------------------------------------------| D|--------------4p0-5p0-4p0-2------------------------------------| A|---2h3h4----------------------4--------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------------------------| Guitar 2 e|---------------------------------------------------------------| B|-----------10--------------------------------------------------| G|--------------11p9-12p9-11p9-9---------------------------------| D|---9h10h11---------------------11------------------------------| A|---------------------------------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------------------------|
Verse: A G D How Late, How Long A G D Singin' your song? A G D Stormy weather A G D When we're together
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And When I stay up late... e|-----------------------------------------------0---0-------------| B|-----------------------------------------------0---0-------------| G|-----------------------------------------------1---4-------------| D|-------7-7---7-7-----------5--5----------------2---5-------------| A|-----------------------------------------------2---5-------------| E|----5------5------5--3--3---------3--2--1--0---0---3-------------|

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