The Screaming Jets


The Screaming Jets

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	  		Transcribed by Phil Annetta ([email protected]) 
This is one of the best Australian songs ever - and it only has two 
chords! - G and Cadd9 
Verse 1 
G                                     Cadd9 
I?ve been contemplating suicide 
G                               Cadd9 
But it really doesn?t suit my style 
G                                Cadd9 
So I think I?ll just act bored instead 
G                                  Cadd9 
To contain the blood I could have shed 
G                                 Cadd9 
She makes me feel so weary 
G                           Cadd9 
My heart is really on its knees 
G                            Cadd9 
But I keep a poker face so well 
G                           Cadd9 
That even mother could not tell 
               G                                 Cadd9 
That my baby?s so vain, she is almost a mirror 
              G                                        Cadd9 
And the sound of her name sends a permanent shiver 
                  G               Cadd9 
Down my spi-i-i-i-i-i-ine 
                  G               Cadd9 
Down my spi-i-i-i-i-i-ine 
Well I keep her photograph near my heart 
Cause in my life she plays a starring part 
Our love could hold on cigarettes 
There is no room for these cheap regrets 
Repeat bridge 
Repeat chorus 


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