The Movement

Alright Chords

The Movement

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by gustsilva

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G#                 F# 
I got a feeling got no time ya see / 
To hear ya fussin and fightin whining why ya see / 
I know it?s gonna be alright / 
Get some wine the sea / 
Will soothe and make the mind move silently / 

G#                   F# 
I know it?s gonna be alright / 
Got my paper and my pen together / 
Can?t be confused ?cause I?m flyin high in any weather / 
Got so much soul yes you know I cannot be no better / 
Now everybody get ya grind on / 

Yo from beginning to ending my chapter?s flipping and spinning / 
While I?m catering to nonsense / Setting tables of contents / 
Over continents, deserts, oceans, and landmasses / 
Spreading like jam / 
To make you and your honey shake them asses, damn / 
I?m looking sharp / 
Steadily sticking like bookmarks / 
Heavily written spitting sentences / 
Showing off book smarts / 
Smarter than a fucking whip / 
Cool as a fan / 
You feeling alright / 
Sing it if you know what I?m sayin / 


?Cause it just goes to show that you just may never know / 
?Cause when it rains it pours just another episode / 
And now I hope you know this is how the story goes / 
But it?s alright, it?s alright 

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