The Mountain Goats


The Mountain Goats

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Em C Am  (x2) 

the blackest storm i ever saw 

       C          Am 
was coming in from omaha 

and the latest news from tokyo was 

C            Am 
a lot of ugly numbers 

i was checkin' pay phones for forgotten coins 

            C           Am 
as the clouds came over west des moines 

got into the house got the curtains drawn 

C                            Am 
got into the the shower with all my clothes on 

Em G D hey! hey! let the water come down! Em G D hey! hey! let the water come down! Em C Am (x2)
Verse Em by noon it was clear that winter'd come C Am and i just let the water run Em and i got soap suds in my eyes C Am and it stung like iodine Em the phone started ringing like a fire alarm C Am and the voice on the machine was brutally calm Em new numbers coming down the wire C Am got into the shower with my eyes on fire
Em hey! hey! let it fall on me, G D let it all come down relentlessly! Em you swore that you would stick around G D when days like this started coming down! Em G D break out the crystal! Em G D get out the good champagne! Em G D we're going down Em G D in flames.

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