the monkeys

I'm a beliver

the monkeys

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I'm a beliver

G	           D		G  
I thought love was only true in fairytales  
G	         D     		 G  
Meant for someone else, but not for me  
C                             G	    C	           G  
Ahh, love was out to get me, thats the way it seemed  
C	     G                          D  
dissapointment haunted all my dreams  
	   G       /C C/G  C	G        /C C/G  C  
then I saw her face,              now I'm a believer  
	    G/C C/G    C                  G    /C C/G C  
without a trace,            of doubt in my mind  
           G	C	  G  
i'm in love, uhhmh i'm a believer  
                 F	             D  
i couldn't leave her if I tried  


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