The Lumineers

Stubborn Love

The Lumineers

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Stubborn Love

Written by Jeremy Fraites, Wesley Schultz

Capo on 5th fret

Intro:  C Em C G C Em D G (2x) 

C                        Em 
She'll lie and steal and cheat  

    C                 G 
And beg you from her knees; 

C                  Em    D       G 
Make you think she means it this time. 

C                     Em 
She'll tear a hole in you, 

C                   G 
The one you can't repair, 

C                    Em      D       G 
But I still love her I don't really care. 

C            G      Em   D 
When we were young, oooh we did enough. 

C           G     Em       D 
When it got cold, oooooooo we bundled up. 

C          G     Em        D                G 
I can't be told, aaaaaaaah it can't be done. 


It's better to feel pain 

Than nothing at all; 

The opposite of love's indifference. 

So pay attention now, 

I'm standing on your porch screamin' out, 

And I won't leave until you come downstairs. 

C G D Em So keep your head up, keep your love.
VERSE 3: I don't blame you dear, Running like you did all these years, I would do the same you best believe. And the highway signs say we're close, But I don't read those things anymore; I never trusted my own eyes. PRE-CHORUS CHORUS

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