The Kinks

Berkeley News

The Kinks



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Berkeley News

	  		    F                                    C   C7 
The leaves of brown came falling through you 
  C       C7     C          C7  
Berkeley Mews, I first met you 
F                                       C     C7 
 I staggered through your chilly dining room 
  C       C7     C          C7 
Berkeley Mews, I first met you 

Your kitchen sink was cluttered up 
     Gm                      D7 
So I couldn't shut it up for longing 
I brewed another cuppa up 
    G                               C      Bb  C  Bb 
And tried to sneak out early in the morning 

I thought you had much better things to do 
Berkeley Mews, I first met you 
Drowned my conversation with champagne 
Berkeley Mews, was not listening 

Chorus #2: 
I thought you were an intellect 
But now that I reflect, you left me reeling 
You made me drink a toast 
And when you finished I was looking at the ceiling 

 F                                        C 
The flood of tears I've wept thinking of you 
   C                 C7               F 
Reminds me of that night in Berkeley Mews 

                    G              C7 
You know that you left me broken hearted 
            F     E7  Eb7  D7  F   Ab  F  F7  
in Berkeley Mews 

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